Manifest Method

From minimal to manifested in two weeks.
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MARROWMARK - Conjuring a Universe

An ideal model for your early stage idea that needs implementation.

You’ve poured countless hours to build your practice, honed your craft, and become a trusted expert in your field. Don’t let the way you show up in this world stand in your way.
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Sam is a rare one: he integrates artistry, business, and tech to give you an unmatched advantage.

Elliot Costello
MARROWMARK - Conjuring a Universe

An effective, and value driven way to launch your presence.

New businesses live or die by their ability to build trust on the internet. Without a proven track record and positive word-of-mouth, making a great first impression becomes critical.

Yet, premium presence building often requires investments of tens of thousands of dollars—far out of reach for businesses that are just getting started.

With the Manifest Model, I’ve boiled down my method into a two-week flow that delivers all the essentials you need to show up in the world.

The Manifest Model.

My model ensures that you’ll be ready to launch your new presence in just two weeks.



Onboarding video
Pre-strategy worksheet
Schedule remote calls



Remote strategy workshops
Define presence positioning
Desired look & feel of presence
Website objectives



I create your logo & identity
I design & build your website
Presentation & hand-off at the end of the week


WEEK 3 - 6

30 days of ongoing support
Follow-up remote call.

Hypothetically Asked Questions

Here are some real answers, to save us both a little bit of time.


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This model often results in what is referred to as a brand identity or methodology and can include a style guide, suggested brand messaging copy, a logo design (in SVG and PNG formats), typographic treatment and font assets, and a full colour palette.

I DON't HAVE A NAME yet, can you help me?

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Yes! We’ll can add an extra week in-between the Illuminate and Integrate steps to brainstorm a solid name for you. Reach out for pricing information.

What’s it like to work with you?

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I’m extremely organised, and you will know exactly what steps lie ahead of us from day dot. I’m generous with my time and I have no problem hearing criticism or justifying creative decisions.

Can I hire you for strategy/advice only?

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You betcha! Usually my ideation-only work starts with a series of workshops, competitive research (and sometimes customer interviews), and then leads into an ongoing advisory memberships.

How do you build the website?

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The website is custom-built using modern browser based technology—typically Webflow —and hooked up to the user-friendly content-management system.

Am I able to make changes to the website?

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Yes! I host each website and you’ll be able to update the content on your website through a user-friendly CMS.

Do you offer training?

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Yes. I provide you with a library of personalised tutorials on how to use your new website so that you are well equipped to take full control and ownership.

Can I pay you in crypto?

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Absolutely! In addition to credit/debit card payments and wire transfers, I’m more than happy to accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as some stablecoins.