Planet Policy

Together we make a difference. We all have a stake in a brighter future, and a responsibility to change the way we do commerce and consume goods.

Last modified: 25.08.2021
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In simple language.

At Marrowmark there is a silent shareholder "the planet" that needs to be taken in consideration for all activities as a standard.

It’s a responsibility to create works that our clients, customers and communities enjoy long after completion. This means there is an aim to foster a commitment to actively and steadily reduce any footprint whilst being entirely transparent, open and honest about this journey.

To date the work produced offers fond memories —but we recognise that there’s a clear link between environmental challenges and the industries that Marrowmark operate in (creative, marketing and communications). We understand that climate change requires looking at the full picture of the environmental impact of each decision, as there is a downstream negative impact on historically marginalised and underserved people.

We recognise that there is a role to play in advocating for planetary matters. We do this in our various industries by taking an integrative approach that fosters curiosity to deliver a better today and tomorrow. To achieve these planetary aims, and improve the lives of people and places we focus on four key areas (listed below).

Specific objectives and actions related to these focus areas can be found in our Planetary Implementation Plan.


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People are at the centre of everything we do, and we aspire to offer an integrative place that fosters connection, community, and culture. We will work collaboratively with our community and consider the ethical and environmental impact of all operational activities.


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The ideation of any new project has the potential to leave behind a substantial environmental footprint. Marrowmark will facilitate the development of design-led projects where planetary responsibility is standard. We commit to incorporating design principles that promote integrative and resilient work that are above standard practice.


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The implementation process is a core business practice that leaves behind a substantial environmental footprint. We commit to exploring ways to reduce our environmental impact during the implementation phase of projects, reducing waste during the implementation process; and researching responsible materials and processes to create smarter, safer, and healthier work.


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We commit to educating ourselves and our wider community on fundamental knowledge gaps regarding sustainability, planetary justice and reconciliation.

MARROWMARK’s key PLANETARY objectives:

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  • Live by sustainable practices, be climate-committed and advocate for climate justice.
  • offsetting our carbon emissions and emphasising carbon renewal efforts.
  • Use our expertise to uplift at a community level and facilitate integration in the industries we operate in.
  • Educate and help our community understand identified problems and involve them meaningfully in our work towards outcomes.
  • Conduct business with consideration for the environment and all stakeholders to create progressive, inclusive communities.
  • Lean into a culture of continuous improvement, learning, and development with regard to our planetary ambitions, and collaborate for impact.
  • Encourage integrative processes and outcomes to improve the design environment’s business-as usual approach to communications and marketing.


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  • Planetary justice is a non-linear journey. We acknowledge that the signposts are not clearly defined and are always changing; we need to be comfortable with uncertainty and gradual evolution.
  • Continual learning from the wider community to improve understanding of sustainability and enable uptake.
  • Challenging the everyday status quo.
  • Insufficient resources for the potentially high cost of change and innovation.
  • Entrenched business behaviours in our various industries.