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I just landed on this page, have never heard of you, am not entirely convinced but am willing to give you a shot. Where should I begin reading before I decide to do anything else?

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Best thing to do is subscribe to get the Magazine or Mail Club newsletters. Anything happening outside of Marrowmark is announced in the newsletters. If you feel like you get enough value from them, there are Momentum Meetings (Office Hours) available each Monday to explore possibilities.

Do you reply to emails?

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How many people d’you think come to the end of their life and consider all of the time they spent replying to emails as one of their most treasured memories? Think about it.

I do read almost every email I get, I just only reply to some of them.

If I reply to all my emails I just become a typing machine which is sort of a waste of time, right? That’s why I chose not to work in an office.

How can you justify the price of your GOODS + SERVICES?

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I make every effort to keep prices reasonable for premium creative goods and services, and in comparison to others I are not the most expensive.

Certainly you can pay much less. But my services are grounded in producing visual stories for most of my working and non-working life. Each has a little piece of me in them. The good thing when you make something that lasts, over time an expensive purchase will become great value for money.

I believe these are fair prices for our client and customers to pay given the quality of materials and the craftsmanship that goes into making each solution. I don’t charge for the love. That comes for free.


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If you’re doing something to make a mark (or doing something to mark this moment) you might just qualify for the Mark Down Rate™. Let me know your limitations, and let’s talk.

What are your favourite tools?

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Most of them are listed here.

Where are you based?

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Here in the studio in Melbourne. Down on the south edge of Australia. The interesting stuff always happens on the edges.


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Oh boy, you need to come visit. Australia is a clever country on the southern part of the globe. It’s a beautiful place to live, work and play.


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Marrowmark was started by @sammythehaymaker.

Why is this called Marrowmark?

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That’s a good question, there’s a more elaborate answer here.

Wasn't this called “Onya Projects” a long time ago?

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Yep. In January 2021 it switched over to Marrowmark.


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I prefer ongoing partnerships over one-project stands, and will discount initial flows for monogamous relationships. I’m also flexible with payment terms.


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I like to work fast, but to do that, I need the time and money it takes for me to focus.

What tech do you use?

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I appreciate your interest in how the Marrowmark authors things on the internet or internet adjacent. The ability to peek under the hood is a big part of what makes the web special. Imagine if things had gone Adobe's way with Flash, with every site running on lil swf binaries. There wouldn't be an expectation of source accessibility. The web would be a different place.Instead we collectively enjoy this practice of popping the hood and searching for clues. _What frameworks are they using? How pro is this wacky site? What are these people like?_App related

MM is on Webflow. There are so many options in 2021 but WF is good no-code tool that offer design flexibility.

It’s a pretty nice place to hangout and there are a bunch of fun people making things that seem impossible.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

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Shoot me an email at fyi@marrowmark.xyz and I'll be happy to answer them. See you there!